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Transitheart Productions is a label for art productions within the fields of contemporary dance, theatre, performance art and installation with a broad approach to related art fields.It stands for an expressive, experimental and authentic approach to the field of the performing and fine arts. 

“If you don't have shadows, you're not in the light.” ― Lady Gaga

>>> Production Overview:


Photo: Violetta Wakolbinger

Video: Hewig Kerschner

Dance Film // 25 min // AT/IT 2015 // premiered @ Crossing Europe Film Festival 2015

Dancing with the timelessness of a place that constantly opposes the different characters. Breaking with routines is mirrored in the resistance of intention and expectation, while the day passes and the street takes its course. An interplay between appropriation and nonchalance.


Idea & Choreographic Director: Ilona Roth
Concept & Direction: Ilona Roth & Kamerateam
Choreography & Dance: Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen, Aikaterini Gevetzi, Anna Majder, Natalia Castaneira Costa
Camera: Violetta Wakolbinger, Herwig Kerschner
Edit: Davide Bevilacqua, Violetta Wakolbinger, Herwig Kerschner
Sound & Composition: David Longa

Sound Edit: Christian Bogatzki
Photography: Violetta Wakolbinger
Assistence: Severina Lachmair-Kehayova
with support by: La MaMa Umbria International, 
Stadt Linz, Land Oberösterreich, Lachmair Consulting, Makava 

Villaggio (2015)


Solo Performance // 7 min // 2014

Photo: Fivos Salahas

The title says it all: the main character of this production is an axe that reveals itself as a  trigger  for  emotion  and  interpretation. Without  being  the  focus  of  the  performer, who  turns  and  twirls in  space,  the  axe  plainly  exists  and  conveys  its  symbolic meaning  straight  into  the  audience’s  eye.  Due  to the  specific movement  pattern  of the performer a sensation of fear and curiosity arises and strangely a story seems to be longing for its final moment of elucidation. Those tiny movements and moments enacted by  the  performer  -  doll-like,  heroic  or  confused  -  slowly  raise the  level  of concentration until the point of no return. Will this performance end violently or is this just a state of mind that we are safe from? AXED is disturbingly comic.

Background and Development:  
Deriving from topics like manga comics and within that weapons and heroes, Ilona Roth  went  on  a  search  for  specific  movement material,  character  and  costume design as well as adequate props. From January until May 2013 the piece “Poptries” was  developed  by Ilona  and  her  team.  Poptries  is  a  contemporary  dance-video-performance which deals with the same inspirational themes but on a different level. Out  of  the  full-length  performance  Ilona  Roth picked  some  creation  methods  and working tools and put together a new format for a solo dancer which focuses more on one specific character.  

premiered: May 2013, open space, Remise Bludenz
follow-up: PANik10, Das weiße Haus, Vienna, September 2013

choreography, concept & performance: Ilona Roth

Axed (214)


Dance Performance // 50 min // 2014

Photo/Video: Fivos Salahas

POPTRIES is a contemporary dance-video-performance that weaves through a coppice of images to enthral the audience and keep its observers captivated in the scene.
The performance POPTRIES describes an absurd game with plenty of dance, an axe and dubious figures, who neither know how to be distinguished, nor in what intriguingly bizarre world they live in. Elements of „pop culture“ are linked to grotesque lyrics, with an unfolding magic which produces extreme density through a liaison of scenery and music.Videogame sequences and real movement are combined in a way that makes it hard to grasp, which image on stage is created by pixels and which one consists of flesh and blood. 
The „Spoleto 2012“ awarded dance company is once more conquering the stage with a new, exciting and adventurous play. POPTRIES is flashy and mysterious, menacing and magnetic – a continuously revolving spiral without beginning or end.

Concept /Choreography/Director: Ilona Roth, Assitent Director: Fivos Salahas, Dance/Choreography: Marina Mazaraki, Eva Borrmann, Ilona Roth
Voices (English, Greek, German, Russian): Josseline Black, Marina Mazaraki, Eva Borrmann, Ilona Roth
Stage Design/Video Design: Nicole Baïer, Composition and Sound Design: Manuel Mitterhuber, Management: Verena Wiesinger,
Photography/Trailer: Fivos Salahas


Special Thanks to: Doris Roth, Gerald Kada, MIroslaw Dworczak, Sandra Pfistermüller, Josseline Black, Anna Majder

Funded by the City of Linz, Government of Upper Austria, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts, and Culture, City of Salzburg, Supported by: RedSapata Tanzfabrik, Tabakfabrik Linz, Tanzzentrale Fürth 

Poptries (2014)


Dance Performance // 18 min // premiered @ Velocity, Seattle, USA

Photo: Joseph Lambert 

A dance performance for three dancers about being far, being close, being here while being there...

Concept, Choreography, Director: Ilona Roth
Choreography, Dance: Alysha Shroff, Alyza DelPan-Monley, Alexandra Madera
Sound Design: Ilona Roth
Sound Credits: "Runner", "Urbaani Eramaa" and "Whispers, Encantations" by Huxley Met Soda, "Huliganochka" by Mycello, original voices of the dancers reciting "King of Repetition" by Marc Jaffee 


premiered at Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, Washington State, USA
Friday and Saturday May 9th and 10th at 7pm and 9pm

with the support of the Austrian Embassy New York and the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria

Thanks to Fumi Murakami and Kaitlin McCarthy


Close (2014)


Dance Performance // 20 min // Premiered @ Nextcomic Festival, Linz

Photo: Ilona Roth

Battlefields is pure irony about stereotypes and trivial disasters. A girl’s dream about her looks is too serious to deny. Promises like attention and integration, a big welcome into the perfect fit is the ultimate goal. It’s all about measures and standardized beauty. One has it, one not. Competition is high, objects turn into weapons and let us say one thing: we do not only scratch the surface of the stereotypically absurd, we celebrate it! – Welcome to the battlefield of vanity.

Background of the play: as an exclave of the play “Poptries“(full length contemporary dance performance for 3 dancers), which premiered 10.05.2013 in Vienna, “Battlefields“ hits the point with one of its original scenes that has been worked out as an own physical theatre performance. Based on the same material as the original play, the character of this performance is even darker and more absurd, silly at times and trying to depict the stereotypes that have been worked with in a more radical way. It is not connected to its origin since the character changed and has a new dramaturgic line of narration describing a connection between two characters that slowly builds up and ends in disaster. Those two characters are depicting their being lost in roles and images of girls and how they might not perfectly fit. Here we try to show their failure, not their success: they are unable to break free of their shallow moods and stay the stencil that they are.

Director: Ilona Roth
Performers: Marina Mazaraki, Aikaterini Gevetzi

premiered: 03.03.2014 Nextcomic Festival, Ursulinensaal, Linz / Austria
follow-up dates: 14.06.2014 Lange Nacht der Bühnen, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz /Austria

Battlfields (2013)


Photo: Miroslaw Dworczak

Video: Fivos Salahas

Dance Performance // 45 min // premiered @ Posthof, Linz

Winner of the La Mama Spoleto Open Award 2012

In the new contemporary dance piece „The Hype“ the movements of the dancers seem fascinatingly unreal and foreign. It is an artistic experiment with the motoric logic of the body and a pursuit for a story which tells of time. "The Hype" starts with a picture which appeals to the audience as immediate, frail, hard and raw, however emotionally apprehensible and therefore it creates unexpected closeness. Surprisingly you feel the movements of the dancers as if they preambulated the map of our emotions and unexpectedly you find yourself in a new moment which minutes before you would not have dared to imagine.

Performance Dates: 
29.02.2012, 8 pm - Posthof, Linz, Austria
28. + 29.04.2012, 7:30 pm -, WUK Vienna, Austria
10.05.2012, 7 pm - A-CH Festivial, Warsaw, Poland
02.06.2012, 8 pm + 9:30 pm - Lentos Museum for Contemporary Fine Arts, Linz, Austria
16.+17.6.2012 - Théatre de la Ville, Paris, France
10.07.2012 - 8 pm - Poolbar Festival, Feldkirch, Austria 
14.+15.09.2012 - 6 pm - La Mama Spoleto Open, Spoleto, Italy
20.09.-06.10.2012 - Integral Move Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
11.11.2012 - 1. Warsaw Dance Days, Warsaw, Poland
4.-8.9.2013 Abundance Festival 2013, Karstad, Sweden
29.03.2014 dance2eleven / Halle 11, Klangenfurt

Concept, Choreographer and Director: Ilona Roth (D/A)
Choreography and Dance: Anna Majder (PL), Eva Borrmann (D), Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen (DK), Marina Mazaraki (GR)
Dance 2nd cast: Olga Swietlicka (PL), Aikaterini Gevetzi (GR), Natalia Castaneira (MEX)
Sound Design: Manuel Mitterhuber (A), Bernhard Höchtel (A)

Photographer: Miroslav Dworczak
Video: Fivos Salahas

This production is being financially supported by: 
Magistrat Linz, Land OÖ
The performance in Paris is being financially supported by:
Forum Culturel Autrichien

The Hype (2012)


Performance/Movement Installation // 50 min // 2006 - 2012

Photo: Andreas Bauer @ AEC Deep Space

DE_Forma ist eine Installation im Grenzbereich zwischen Skulptur und Performance. Ein übergestülpter, halbtransparenter Kokon verfremdet die Körperformen der TänzerInnen. Durch Bewegung sowie die Struktur des Gitters und die darauf fallenden Videoprojektionen entsteht ein einzigartiger, visueller Effekt.

performed 2006/2008/2011 @ Walkers - Linz, Austria // Creative Forum Festival - Alexadria, Egypt // Ars Electronica Center - Linz, Austria

Press Review:

"The most divisive and fascinating performance of the forum so far is, hands down, "De-Forma from Germany and Austria. "De-Forma is a performance installation that left every single audience member in utter bewilderment.
The audiences were guided into a dark theater containing two large objects wrapped in metallic wires offstage and another one hidden in the far left corner of the stage. The audiences, including myself, assumed the much-delayed performance would be carried out offstage and, therefore, climbed on stage, waiting for something to happen.
About 15 minutes later, the audience members began to explore the theater in frustration when they realized that the objects draped in those wires are, in fact, humans.
Some tried to interact with the still human objects, others continued to sit on stage in sheer boredom. The real action was taking place at that forgotten corner of the stage as the persistent audience members slowly began to take the large wires off the performers. By the end of the show, the roles were reversed as the performers covered audience members with the same metallic objects.
"I wasn't sure how should I react, or if I should react at all, said Gregory Holt, one of the "De-Forma performers.
"The show taps into people's curiosity, their need to find an explanation for everything they see, said Nora Elberfeld, who accidentally cut her hand near the end of the performance. "I guess the show is also about the nature of objects, the different ways through which they evolve and decompose."

- by Joseph Fahim

De_Forma (2006/12)


Photo: Alex Brenner

Dance Performance // 10 min // premiered @ tanz.tag12 - WUK, Vienna, AT

The relationship between two women unfolds in an comic, dramatic and tragic way - a gestural duo with speed changes and surprises

Anna Majder (PL), Marina Mazaraki (GR)
Concept/Director: Ilona Roth 
Photography and Video: Fivos Salahas
Music: Manuel Mitterhuber and Bernhard Höchtel

premiered 28th + 29th of April 2012, tanz.tag12, @ WUK, Vienna, Austria

14.+15.09.2012 Spoleto, Italy (La Mama Spoleto Open Festival)
01.06.2013, The Black Box International Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2.-6.7.2013 BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham, UK
27.4.2014 tanzhafenFESTIVAL
12.7.2014 Fresh Fruit Festival, New York City
cast for the NYC performance: Erin Dillon, Koryn Wicks

This performance won the La Mama Spoleto Open Award 2012 

Plant B (2012)

say hello

Idea / Concept: Vertebra Dance-Collective & Transitheart Productions
Performer: Marina Mazaraki
Performance / Music Composition: Nikos Asimakopoulos
Assistant Choreographer: Ilona Roth & Fivos Salahas
Video recording / Trailer: SensoReye Production
Supported by RedSapata TANZFABRIK Linz

premiered: 5th Nov. 2016 @ Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, during "Lange Nacht Der Bühnen"

follow-up: 5th Dec. 2016 // during "10+10 Bridges"

next: SPOTTER Night // Thursday, 2 nd of March, 2017
8 PM – (app.)2 AM // aumschiff Linz

Say Hello (2017)

Ulli Ullmann

Die Idee für dieses Tanzprojekt entstammt aus dem Alltag Ulli Ullmanns und ihren Erfahrungen mit den Themen Sexualität und Erotik. Die Herangehensweise und Dramaturgie basiert dabei auf Gesprächen mit der „Rollstuhlfahrerin“ Ulli Ullmann und deren individueller Auseinandersetzung mit diesem Thema, das in viel tiefere zwischenmenschliche und gesellschaftliche Schichten greift und Fragen von enormer Aktualität, zu Begierde, Weiblichkeit und Ästhetik aufwirft.


Konzept: Ulli Ullmann & Ilona Roth

Regie: Ilona Roth

Research: Kai Chun Chuang, Damian Federico Cortes Alberti, Samer Alkurdi, Ulli Ullmann, Ilona Roth

Tanz: Enyer Ruiz, Mirjam Stadler, Ulli Ullmann

Musikarrangement: Manu Mitterhuber

Kostüm: Julio Escudero

Fotos: Fotoatelier Mirek Dworczak


mit freundlicher Unterstützung von: RedSapata Tanzfabrik, Hirsch Beteiligungs GmbH, Oberösterreichische Versicherungen, VKB Bank; Heindl Bandagist, Reiffeisenlandsbank OÖ, Sparkasse OÖ, Linz Kultur, Land OÖ Kultur, Bundeskanzleramt / Sektion Kunst und Kultur

Ulli Ullmann (2019)

10+10 bridges

Creative working processes in the fields of dance/theater/film/video to build bridges between people and communities

Focus points:

2016/17: People with refugee background and ‘locals’ – work with dance/theater/video

2017/18: People with refugee background and ‘locals’ –  work with dance/theater and focus upon the ‘Theater of Oppressed’ by Augusto Boal

2018/19: People with Chechen background and ‘locals’ – work with dance and theater (physical theatre)

’10+10 Brücken’ has been awarded with the price ‘Stadt der Vielfalt’ (2016/17) and has been nominated for the Europe-wide AMATEO Award (2019). Out of 65 European projects, the international jury selected ’10+10 Brücken’ as one of the five best and oustanding leading projects.

More Infos:

10+10 Bridges (2016-2020)
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